Woodhouse Close Community Foodbank

Woodhouse Close Community Foodbank have released some incredible statistics which demonstrates their hard work. Over the last month alone they have created 154 family food parcels and 155 single food parcels. The Foodbank have supported 437 adults and 194 children with food and supplies from the 25th April to the 29th May.

The hard work of Woodhouse Close Community Foodbank can only continue with the kind donations of food from the local community. Currently, the foodbank are running low on the following:

• Tinned or dried instant potatoes
• Tinned fruit and vegetables
• Rice Pudding,
• Tins of corned beef
• Tinned dinners
• Jam
• Pasta

Anything you can spare that can be donated would be gratefully received.

For more information on the work of Woodhouse Close Community Foodbank, please visit the website at www.woodhouseclosechurch.org/